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10 Baby Items I Never Knew I Needed.

As a new mom, I quickly learned that finding practical products that fit your everyday needs requires a lot of trial, error, and money. There are so many products and opinions; finding one that works for you can be intimidating and expensive.

While I wouldn’t consider myself a pro in the baby department, I have come across a few great products that have made my life a lot easier. As a gift from me to you, I decided to do something that I wish someone had done for me; here’s a list of 10 items I never knew I needed:

Diaper Cream Applicator

After having Logan, I realized that diaper cream and long nails do not mix. I would waste so many wipes trying to get Desatin from under my nails. The Nuby Diaper Cream Brush keeps your hands and fingernails clean. The applicator is flexible and silicone-based, making it is gentle on a baby’s sensitive skin. The suction base provides a clean stowaway so that you can finish the diaper change easily.

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HALO Sleepsack

After spending nine months curled in the womb, swaddling helps babies transition from the belly to the crib. Initially, I had planned on swaddling Logan the old-fashion way, but it’s 2021, I should have known there would be an easier more efficient way. Before leaving the hospital, my nurse suggested I looked into purchasing the HALO Sleeping Sack. This was probably the biggest game-changer for me in the newborn department. Once I started using this with Logan, I realized he slept 2-3 hours longer; which as a new mom was a lifesaver! Also, during the newborn phase babies are prone to “Moro” or startle reflex. The Halo Sleepingsack restricts their movement, which helps them sleep longer and safer. The swaddle allows for babies to swaddle arms in, hands-to-face, or both arms out. The Halo Sleepsack is a must-have on my baby list!

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Battery Operated Stroller Fan

I live in South Florida, which means our only season is pretty much summer. I knew I would need to purchase a fan to keep Logan cool during our walks. I read a few bad reviews online on fans that broke easily or only blew hot air. I came across this battery-operated stroller fan that seemed to have excellent reviews. What I love most about this fan is the flexible tripod clip; it can adjust to any and every surface. It’s also a lifesaver for car seats, especially those that are rear facing. This fan keeps your child cool and allows for a comfortable ride.

The fan is 360 mobile and comes with three speeds and LED light settings. The battery is rechargeable and lasts for about 2.5-10 hours, depending on your USB charging power bank. This is a must-have for your walks in the park or trips to Disney.

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Hiccapop Baby Wipe Warmer

Shortly after Logan was born, I realized that he would react (terribly) to the cold wipes touching his sensitive skin making our nightly diaper changes a lot more difficult. The Hiccapop wipes warmer keeps baby wipes moist and warm, which soothe and calm your baby’s skin, making diaper changes a lot easier, especially during late shifts.

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Shopping Cart Cover

I have always been wary about germs, especially during COVID. I decided to invest in a grocery cart cover for my weekend runs to the grocery store. The cover acts as a hygiene barrier and is super easy to install and pack away. I love this product mostly because it comes with a few attachable toys to keep your baby entertained as you stroll.

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The Monkey Baby Sleep Soother

I love this baby soother! Unlike most soothers on the market, the Monkey Baby Soother by Vtech is super compact, making it easy to carry with you on the go. It’s rechargeable and comes with five calming melodies and five soft ambient noises. The monkey’s cheeks also illuminate, which provides a gentle light that. With an auto-off timer, you don’t have to worry about sneaking into the nursery once the baby is asleep.

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Summer Deluxe Baby Bather

I originally purchased this product for a trip to Orlando, but I’ve ended up using it every day since. I prefer Logan to take a bath with me. So, one afternoon I decided to place this seat in my shower while I took a bath, and it completely changed my nighttime routine. On a typical night, I can give myself and Logan a bath in under 30 min! This is much easier than filling up a baby tub and you don’t have to worry about them peeing in the water. Lol!

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Dreft Stain Remover

One word: Blowouts!

Aside from laundry detergent, I believe every household with a baby needs the Dreft Stain Remover. This product removed tough stains without using harsh chemicals. It has been a lifesaver for those unexpected blowouts and messy spills.

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Dresser Drawer Organizer

I unapologetically admit that I am a type-A personality. When organizing Logan’s nursery, I purchased these foldable organizing containers to place in his draws. It is perfect for keeping his hats, bibs, and mittens all folded and perfectly tucked away and helps those small socks from getting lost!

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HEORSHE Baby Teething Toy

When Logan started teething I purchased this wristband teether and it became his best friend. I love that it has an adjustable strap, which kept the teether on his hand and off the floor. If your little one has a habit of sucking their fingers or thumb, this teether will act as a barrier to keeping their hands out their mouth.

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If there any additional products that you have tried that you recommend, please let me know in the comments below; I’d love to hear from you! I hope this list makes your motherhood journey a lot easier. ☺️

– Xoxo, Krysta

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