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After years of attending bridal showers, the moment you walk into the room and realize this time it’s for you is so surreal. I am extremely picky, and I love having things a certain way…MY way. However, as tradition would have it, I had no say in what would happen for my bridal shower. My mother and bridesmaids had total control, but I had complete faith in them, hence why I chose them to be my bridesmaids. It was extremely difficult for me to be hands-off, but I put away my controlling spirit and left everything in their hands.

I had no clue what the theme for my shower was going to be. I had a few ideas pinned to my boards on Pinterest, but ultimately the decision was not mine to make. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVEEEE Kate Spade. A few months back, I came across a Kate Spade-themed bridal shower and instantly fell in love. I think I pinned every last pin I could find with that theme. To my surprise, my bridesmaids were watching my every move. I’m not a huge Pinterest user.  I log on for inspiration, pin something I like, then log off. I had no clue that my boards were public and that others could see what I had liked.

For weeks my bridesmaids had been watching my board and looking at all the ideas that I pinned. I harassed everyone I knew for information. It wasn’t until I saw the invitation that the cat was out of the bag. It was a Kate Spade theme!!Bridal invite

My bridesmaids did their best to replicate everything I loved.   From my mimosa station to the candy table, the day was everything I wanted and then some. Ultimately the shower turned out to be everything that I expected. I would love to share tips on what went into the planning/ organizing of this special day, but as I said before I have no clue how they got it done. All my bridesmaids wore floral print, which is what Kate Spade is known for. We played games, drank mimosas, and had an amazing time. I included a few pictures below..take a look and let me know how you think they did!

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