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I’m grateful for COVID. I used to feel guilty for saying that out loud, but it is my reality. If ever there was a time to be pregnant, 2020 was that year. Being able to stay at home with my feet propped on the couch as I grew a human was a luxury I would forever cherish. Prior to the pandemic, I did what every expected mother does – I went shopping! I found out I was pregnant at the end of 2019, right before the pandemic hit. I had plans, big plans. I went to my favorite sights and racked up my carts. I splurged on maternity wear for summer, spring, and fall; I was going to be giving LOOKS all 2020! Boy, was I wrong…

Due to Covid, the only people who saw those looks were my dog and my husband. Lol! On occasion, I did get dressed, and I made sure when I did – I did! I wanted to share a few of my favorite looks with you all and hopefully inspire some of my preggo mommas out there.

As the world opens up, please be safe!!

Outfit Details: Look #1

This is one of my favorite looks. These pants are so comfy and most importantly – stretchy!

Top: Forever 21

Bottom: Discovery Fashion

Shoes: Forever 21

Belt: Gucci

Outfit Details: Look #2

Even though I went shopping for new clothes, there’s nothing like repurposing old ones! I went shopping in my closet and threw these pieces together. I call this “the perfect out and about fit.”

Flannel Jacket: Boohoo


Dress: Forever 21

Hat: Boohoo


Bag: AliExpress


Outfit Details: Look #3

I love t-shirt dresses! This dress is comfy and sophisticated.

Dress: Boohoo


Shoes: W Shoes

Bag: Aliexpress


Outfit Details: Look #4

Although it rarely gets cold in South Florida, I couldn’t resist this sweater dress!

Dress: Boohoo


Bag: Boohoo

Shoes: Fashion Nova


Outfit Details: Look #5

Rusty orange is one of my favorite colors, especially during the fall. I found this dress on clearance for $12.99!

Dress: Discovery Fashion

Shoes: Aliexpress


Bag: Boohoo

IOutfit Details: Look #5

t is always better to have quality clothing over quantity. I purchased these shoes over 7 years ago, and to-date, I still get complements whenever I wear them out. I love this little newspaper look – it’s giving “extra! extra! Read all about it.” Lol!

Top: Steps

Skirt: Discovery Fashion

Shoes: W shoes

Purse: Aliexpress


Which look is your favorite?? Let me know below! ☺️